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Water Tanks

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Water tanks, the essential anywhere resource. We supply and install a wide range of water tanks to meet the your specific needs. We supply tanks for rain collection, residential use, irrigation, rain banking, and even fire fighting.

Is your current water storage not meeting your current or future requirements? We can advise you of the best and most economical upgrade or supplementary method to meet your needs.

Coupled to the tanks we have a wide range of pumps to suit your individual requirements.

We can deliver, install and commission your new tank or reservoir, and gain the necessary resource consents as required from the appropriate authorities.

In addition we supply and install pump houses, ball cocks, and telemetry systems for water supply monitoring.

We also organise to clean water tanks, for further information contact us here.

Along with the traditional black water tank, we have a wide range of water tank colours available to perfectly compliment your tanks location:

Mist Green
Dark Green
Slate Grey
Birch Grey
Bronze Olive
Light Grey
Mountain Grey

Do you have tank and water quality concerns? If you prefer not to treat your water supply by ultraviolet means, we can offer you ACQUASAFE liquid disinfection.
Acquasafe leaves no taste or odours.
Acquasafe oxidises organisms and reverts back to oxygen and water
Acquasafe lasts up to 2 months even when water has been added to your tank.

Our long term experience in the supply and placement of water tanks is unsurpassed, contact us with confidence about your specific requirements.

Water Tanks
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